I build, destroy, and build again
Hundreds of times, again and again

S E M I - H I A T U S
❀ Natalia | 18 | Poland ❀
Hi! Mostly reblogging: Magi, Gundams, Noragami and current season's anime

I love being in small fandoms and treasure tragedies over anything. I reblog everything and nothing. Twitter lover.
I almost never tag spoilers so let me know if you want anything tagged.
Also I don't bite and my ask is always open~
Current obsessions: Magi, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Gundam Build Fighters, Natsume Yuujinchou, Little Busters!, Noragami, Captain Earth, Haikyuu!!, Kagerou Project


refreshing and gaining TWO followers


"I’m who I am because I have friends."



I’ll draw your story for you!


I wish we got notifications when people published our asks instead of having to refresh their blog like every second

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